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Reviews for The 24-Hour Customer

“Ott’s accessible tone and systematic strategies will be an eye-opener for companies…”

“Remember the old adage “time is money”? It’s outdated, argues Ott, a consultancy firm CEO; time is now much more important than money to consumers. It is also a consistently overlooked and misunderstood factor driving buying decisions, and companies that build their products or services around the customer’s willingness to invest precious time and attention and gaining competitive traction in markets where their competitors, who approach the new dynamic by simply getting more strident in their marketing, are increasingly slipping, Ott offers specific advice and “Two Minute Takeaway” at the conclusion of each chapter to address the all-important “Time-Value Tradeoff.” She illustrates her points with case studies of companies that have gotten it right, such as Symantec, Netflix, Amazon, and FreshDirect. Ott’s accessible tone and systematic strategies will be an eye-opener for companies wishing to drive through the constant marketing chatter and reach their increasingly harried customers.”
- Publishers Weekly

"Ott is revolutionizing marketing by adding the concept of time. Perhaps the only business constant is that consumers have time preferences."

Marketing is often defined with the four Ps: product, promotion, place, and pricing. Ott (CEO & founder, Exponential Edge, Inc.) is revolutionizing marketing by adding the concept of time. Dimensions of time, especially its alternative uses, are major factors in consumers' decisions. She here shows business professionals how to integrate the different components of time in consumers' lifestyles into marketing strategies, especially to gain competitive advantage, build brand loyalty, and offer successful brand extensions. Ott respects readers' time by offering "Two-Minute Takeaways," or chapter summaries, and by including several sidebars in gray-shaded boxes that contain tables and charts illuminating important points. She presents many company case studies, discussing the ways Fresh Direct and Symantec gained success by recognizing the importance of time. VERDICT Ott's eye-opening arguments will appeal to business readers who want their companies to remain viable in ever-changing and evolving marketplaces. Perhaps the only business constant is that consumers have time preferences.
- Library Journal Review

“…a BIG Idea that can pay off in BIG results” 

The 24-Hour Customer contains a BIG idea that can payoff in BIG results. Adrian clearly demonstrates how today’s multi-screen, multitasking culture is driving vast changes in customer behavior. Leaders who want to successfully compete in today’s marketplace must read this book—and act.”
—Robert H Miles Ph.D, former Harvard Business School professor; co-author of BIG Ideas to BIG Results; president, Corporate Transformation Resources

“hit the nail on the head…must reading… to acquire and retain customers in this new era.”

"In her new book, Adrian Ott has hit the nail on the head in identifying the single most important and perplexing issue facing marketers today: how to effectively deal with the time starved, always connected consumer. Adrian asks us to consider not only alternative products or services but alternative uses of time, and this brilliant insight is a conceptual home run. This should be must reading for any manager who wishes to acquire and retain customers in this new era."
—Peter Sealey, Ph.D, Former CMO of The Coca-Cola Company, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Peter F. Drucker School of Management

“…an innovative approach…to create new market opportunities”

"Adrian’s book outlines an innovative approach using a new lens to view the critical and increasing importance a customer’s “time” plays in their purchasing cycle. She uses this same lens to provide useful insights on how to design business strategies to create new market opportunities and achieve sustainable market position."
—Steve Steinhilber, Vice President Emerging Solutions Ecosystems, Cisco Systems; author Strategic Alliances

“…solid research and compelling case histories… profound shift”

"This outstanding book is much more than just another guide to coping with a changing world. Adrian Ott demonstrates, through solid research and compelling case histories, how customer attention has become a more precious commodity. Ott understands the way our notion of time is evolving and she explores the implications of this profound shift for gaining competitive advantage."    
—Michael J GelbAuthor of How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci and Innovate Like Edison

“Adrian Ott provides the battle plan…”

“To many consumers, time is more important than money. Today’s managers need to factor this key concept into their marketing programs. Adrian Ott provides the battle plan for doing so.”
—Al & Laura Ries, bestselling authors of The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR

“…scrumptious to strategy-oriented executives’ appetites”

"It is rare that a book introduces a new concept that is scrumptious to strategy-oriented executives’ appetites, but Adrian Ott's insightful "Money Value of Time" makes you say, "Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that!” The 24-Hour Customer is a thoroughly enjoyable and useful book."
—Carol Mills, board member of Adobe Systems, Tekelec, and Blue Coat Systems; former CEO of Acta Technology

“many ‘lightbulb’ moments…fascinating book.”

“The 24-Hour Customer is a great read for any executive who needs to apply fresh thinking to products and solutions. Adrian's strategic perspective provides many "lightbulb" moments, and, by reading this fascinating book, you'll come away with great new ideas to breathe more life and creativity into your marketing."
—Marlene Williamson, VP, Customer Marketing, Ericsson, IP & Broadband Division

“…a really new way of looking at things, which is both groundbreaking and pragmatic?”

“In The 24-Hour Customer, Adrian Ott offers a very new way of looking at things, which is both ground-breaking and pragmatic. She brilliantly observes that rather than looking only at market and product adjacencies, we should focus on time adjacencies--that is, engaging customers at those times when they are ready to take action and buy. A must-read for executives who want to succeed in today’s fast changing marketplace." 
Amanda Setili, Chair and past President, Harvard Business School Club of Atlanta; Adjunct Professor, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

“…appealingly explains the important trade-off between time and value…”

"In this book, Adrian Ott appealingly explains the role of the increasingly important trade-off between time and value in driving strategy. If you understand the rules within, they will enable you to use time as a competitive advantage in vying for the attention, and wallet, of your customer."
—Saul J. Berman, Vice President and Global Strategy & Change Consulting Leader, IBM Global Business Services

“Adrian brilliantly succeeds in providing a  very unique and useful framework…”

“The 24-Hour Customer puts into magnificent perspective the increasing role of time in the purchasing and use decisions that many of us are increasingly faced with. Adrian brilliantly succeeds in providing a very unique and useful framework to not only analyze and understand the related trade-offs, but also to put them to work in product design, marketing and business decisions across product life cycles and across industries. For executives in small and large companies alike, this book is not to be missed.”
Robert van Eijk, Vice President, Royal Philips Electronics

“…a crystal clear perspective on how to focus on the right strategies…”

"If you are as time-starved as the rest of us you must read The 24-Hour Customer. Adrian Ott gives the reader a crystal clear perspective on how to focus on the right strategies to break through in a world where fighting for attention is the key to winning."
—Glenn Osaka, Senior Vice President, Juniper Networks

“Time is precious…It is well worth your time to read it!”

"In The 24-Hour Customer, Adrian takes the concept of time in a new direction by applying it as a strategic lever—one that can influence the design, positioning, marketing, selling and usage of your products and services in order to optimize your revenue streams. It is well worth your time to read it!"
—Peter van der Fluit, Senior Vice President Licensing, TomTom N.V.

“…a compelling argument…especially in health care.”

"Adrian Ott lays out a compelling argument for honoring consumer's limited time and attention, especially in health care. Viewing consumer's needs through the lens of their situation, not just their wants and needs, provides a fresh perspective for marketing professionals."
—Anna Lisa Silvestre, Vice President, Online Services, Kaiser Permanente 

“…a timely and fascinating exploration of the “fast paced electronic” times we live in…”

The 24-Hour Customer by Adrian Ott is a timely and fascinating exploration of the “fast paced electronic” times we live in.  Resting on solid market research and clearly demonstrating how deeply our “connected” society is affected by this new economy,   this book is essential reading for any company that wishes to understand the future of the marketing, social interaction, and ultimately customer satisfaction and loyalty."
—Ingrid Summerfield, President & COO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality 

“…a brilliant work and simply a must read!”

“Living at the leading edge of the SaaS revolution and not having any customers but 24-hour customers,  I regard The 24-Hour Customer a brilliant work and simply a must read! “
—Feyzi Fatehi, CEO, Corent Technology and Chairman, Technology Council of Southern California

"the potential to do for time what Geoffrey Moore did for the technology adoption life cycle"

"Adrian's book has the potential to do for time what Geoffrey Moore did for the technology adoption life cycle--provide powerful new customer insights that transform the way companies do business."
- Linda J. Popky, Marketing Thought Leadership Blog

"remind[s] me of timeless Michael Porter-esque classics...uses examples that are cutting-edge…and technology-rich."

"I cannot say enough good things about this book. In my mind, the book is excellent for executives, strategists, marketing, and innovators. From a strategy perspective, the approaches are well-structured and remind me of timeless, Michael Porter-esque classics. Yet the book goes beyond the classics and uses examples in the book that are cutting-edge, modern, timely, and technology-rich."
-Steve Shu, Professor, Consultant, BusinessWeek Exchange Blog

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