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Time-Value Economics (Time-onomics)

"Ott is revolutionizing marketing by adding the concept of time. Perhaps the only business constant is that consumers have time preferences."
-Library Journal Review

Did you know that people spend less than 6 minutes per day on e-commerce sites?  That means that an e-commerce provider is competing with the world for six minutes!

The 24-Hour Customer is about Time-onomics or Time-Value Economics. Customers are asking “Is it WORTH my time?” Your business is not competing with other products. You are competing with TIME.

Time is not money. Time is more important than money. It is also a strategic weapon. Companies that understand and work with the forces of time, rather than against these forces, better serve customers, innovate products and services that disrupt industries, and ultimately win in today’s economy. 

The slideshare below describes Time-onomics in more detail.

Time-onomics: A Groundbreaking Customer Approach
Video: What are Time-onomics?
Video: Why Time-Value Matters to Businesses
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